imageMission of the PRC

In order for school site administrators to effectively lead their schools in delivering the highest quality 21st century education for all children, the Principal Research Center Inc. (PRC) champions the advancement of school administrator selection methods and the development of school administrators.


By studying principal selection methods and how school leaders are developed across the United States, school districts can greatly enhance their methods to select and develop the most effective principals leading to improved  21st century teaching and learning in schools.  PRC’s resource page features relevant research and resources on topics related to principal selection and professional development for school leaders.  For more information visit PRC’s resource page.

PRC Journal

The PRC publishes the Journal of School Administration Research and Development  provides researchers and practitioners relevant research as well as commentaries and book reviews related to the mission of the PRC.

Questions or comments regarding the Principal Research Center?  Email us at: info@principalresearchcenter.org.